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Lemon Sugar Cookie™ SM

Lemon Sugar Cookie™ SM

SKU: 12

A symphony of citrus zest and sweet nostalgia, reminiscent of a relaxed afternoon of baking in a sunlit kitchen where warm whispers of lemony vanilla, caramelized into a soft sugar cookie, dance across the senses and fill the space. Burn time 50-60 hours.


    Thank you for supporting your student and helping to raise funds for their program. With your help, programs are able to thrive by adding new music, new instruments, pay for repair costs, competitions, bus fees, uniforms and so much more. 


    Please note, as of this time, ALL orders are collected then shipped one time to your students school. The students will then deliver the products to the respective owner. If you are out of state, please coordinate with your student for pickup. We will update once we are able to ship out of state. Thank you. 

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